More and more "people" are seeing their secret government files and discovering the truth of the alien creatures and monsters that they really are.  

Then they are recruited by The Head Man, recruited to give up their Earthly bodies, to escape the relentless hunting of the government's Agent Agent, and to hide their heads in the safety of Information Space boxes where they can function as Incognito Archivists, Sneaky Geekies, and Shifty Shapers to end the conspiracy of misinformation and take a stand for intergalactic truth.

You can hear the wisdom of the Heads in Boxes right now through this webpage, with more Heads being added all the time.

Send your own head in a box -- just follow the instructions in the video above. Then post it on Twitter @headsinboxes or post it on Facebook on the headsinboxes page. We will review your posts and contact you if your head has additionally been selected by our Incognito Archivists for invitation to be featured on!
There Are No Earthlings!
A Sci-Fi Romantic Comedy TV Pilot